Changing Education Series

‘Changing Education’ Series of Booklets
published by
MAW Publications
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1. Assessment: Formative Assessment Ideas

This 24 page book provides you with formative assessment ideas
for the initial home visit before the child begins school;
ideas for continuous and comprehensive evaluation
throughout the student’s school life,
and thoughts about how to improve standards in their final examinations.
A useful reference book for all busy teachers.


Formative assessment – assessment for learning
P 4-5 The home visit or the child’s initial visit to school – learning starts when we are born – what does the
child already know when she first comes to school?
P 6 Assessment through observation – discover students’ multiple intelligences and their strengths and weaknesses.

Diagnostic assessments
P 7 Published diagnostic tests – subjects and verbal reasoning.
P 8-10 Students with Additional Needs (Special Educational Needs) – examples.
P 11 Group assessment – assess students’ multiple intelligences using a rubric.
P 12 Authentic problem solving and assessment – expert assessment of real life situations.
P 13 Students’ self assessment and peer assessment – let your students help you.
P 14 Multiple Intelligences assessment of knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes
P 15 Creating your own subject specific assessments – example: English novel
P 16 End of lesson evaluation – to help you plan for the next lesson.
P 17 Target setting and monitoring – use assessment to raise standards and set goals.

Summative assessment- test and assessment results
P 18 Continuous and comprehensive assessment – leading to accumulative assessment.
P 19 End of topic assessment – recording students’ knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes.

Accumulative assessment

P 20 Tests and examinations – assessment against criteria laid down in the syllabus.
P 21 Different ways of assessing – assessment through different tasks.
P 22 Collating the evidence – tracking software and a processfolio – collecting evidence, recording
P 23 Using assessment to raise standards – international benchmark tests

Conclusion – assessment leading to planning for the differentiated classroom


Coming shortly

2. Lesson planning: Activities for the differentiated classroom
3. Teaching and learning: Understadning how learning occurs
4. Teaching English as an additional language: Multiple intelligences.ideas
5. Pre-school: Teaching and learning ideas for the under-fives


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