• Lesson 10: MI and Parents ~~~ course reviewed

    1 Lessons in $10.00

    Content: Understanding child development; Brain related factors that promote learning; Parents as partners; Review on Lessons 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 as they relate to parents; Working with the community; Looking forward. Text length (approx 40 mins.)   4084 words       Assessment:     6  questions

  • Lesson 9: MI and Leadership and Management

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     Content: Middle management – the leadership of subjects; Senior management – the analysis of test and examination data; A shared vision for the school; Senior leadership team – making full use of the multiple intelligences of your staff; Human and physical resources; MI theory and the professional development of your teachers – how to put […]

  • Lesson 8: MI and Assessment

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    Content:  The difference between testing and assessing students; Assessment for learning; Formative and summative assessment; Target setting; Assessment and progression; Assessment through observation, tasks and process folios; Self- and peer-assessment; Examinations.   Text length (approx. 45 mins)   5480  words          Assessment:    15 questions

  • Lesson 7: MI and Lesson Planning

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    Content: A ten-stage guided to lesson planning: In this lesson you plan your own lesson using the steps provided.   Text length – approx. 1982 words             Assessment: writing the lesson plan, plus 5 questions.  

  • Lesson 6: Teaching

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    Content: Identifying students’ stronger and weaker multiple intelligences; Taking account of the child’s background; Personalised learning; Accommodating difference; Teaching for understanding; Higher order thinking skills; Text length (approx. 40 mins.)  4322 words          Assessment:  10 questions  

  • Lesson 5: The Learning Environment

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    Content: The importance of the classroom environment and how it can affect students’ ability to learn. Promoting a positive environment; Methodology; The classroom; Computers and interactive while boards; Equipment and displays; Relationships; Learners as active participants: behaviour and discipline; Classroom management.   Text length (approx. 30 mins.)   3385 words             […]

  • Lessons 1 - 4: Foundation Unit

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    MAW Education Course – “Changing Education” Take your teaching to the next level. Multiple Intelligences Foundation  Unit – Lessons 1 – 4 
A course of 10 sessions  Aim of course 1)    To enable teachers, used to teaching in a didactic way, to teach in a more interactive and innovative way, using methods that have been […]