Discover Your Intelligences with Piercing Star – Hammoudi Abdelhak


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Discover Your Intelligences with Piercing Star
by Hammoudi Abdelhak

Using MI when Teaching through Fables

Fables are terrific materials for schools. They can turn the dullness into excitement and offer many benefits: pleasures of sound, thoughts and morals. They foster the aesthetic sense of learners and develop their multiple intelligences.

Unfortunately, animals in fables are often stereotyped and given false roles and descriptions. They are judged by their outside appearance. Readers assimilate these fables as presented, and this assimilation becomes an everlasting part of their character.

This colourful, well-illustrated booklet, attempts to empower fables using the multiple intelligences theorem, and learners are supported with activities and quizzes which foster their ability to thinkdebate, and research.

In this imaginative booklet you will find many poems and ideas for teaching a wide range of skills through multiple intelligences. MAW Publications has kept the price low so that all your students can have their own copies. Order single copies from this web site or bulk orders by e-mailing with the number you require. You will then be sent an order form.  Your students will love these fables.

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