MI Foundation Unit: Part 1 Lessons 1 – 4


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Take your Teaching to the Next Level

with the

MAW Education Course – “Changing Education”


Multiple Intelligences Foundation  Unit – Lessons 1 – 4

MI applied to Teaching – Lessons 5 – 8

MI applied to School Management – Lesson 9

MI for Parents and a recap of the course – Lesson 10

Aim of course: 

To enable teachers, especially those used to teaching in only a didactic way, to teach in more interactive and innovative ways, using methods that have been tried and tested and which will enrich the educational experiences of their students.

The Foundation Unit (lessons 1 to 4) needs to be completed before you can attempt the other lessons. After you have completed the Foundation Unit you may complete as many as you would like of lessons 5 to 10, but they build on each other so need to be studied in the order given. You may finish the course at any point, but a MAW Education ‘Certificate of Completion’ is only awarded to those who complete all ten lessons and questions satisfactorily.

This course is assessed by long question responses after each lesson.

The lessons vary in length.  An approximate word count of each lesson is given below.  Questions vary in complexity and the number of questions does not necessarily reflect how long it will take to answer them.


Lesson 1 – An introduction to multiple intelligenccs theory
MI theory – how did it all begin?
Who was involved?
Howard Gardner’s definition of intelligence;
Research update (2010).

Text length (approx. 20 mins.)  1898 words               Assessment: 6 questions

Lesson 2 – MI and scientific research

Neuroscience and education;
Brain related factors that promote learning;
What is intelligences?
Gardner’s understanding of intelligence;

Text length (approx. 35 mins.)  3628 words             Assessment:  7 questions

Lesson 3 – Great educationalists and you!
What it is to be a teacher;
Learning from the great educationalists – past and present

Text length (approx. 25 mins.)  2630 words               Assessment:  11 questions


Lesson 4 – Learning
Understanding how learning occures:
Different ways of learning;
What promotes and prevents learning;

Text length (approx. 15 mins.) 1844 words                 Assessment:  10  questions



Your answers to the questions at the end of each lesson should be sent to MAW Education at
The first five candidates to enrol each month will have their work marked and commented on personally by
Margaret Warner A.C.P., Dip. S.M.S., M.A.Ed., F.Coll. T.

On successful completion of the ten-session course the candidate will be awarded a

MAW Education ‘Certificate of Completion’. 


If you have any questions regarding this course please contact MAW Education at



 For further information about MAW Education go to http://www.maweducation.co.uk/


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