Leading Minds – Howard Gardner




Leading Minds – an anatomy of leadership
Study Portraits of Great Leaders
Howard Gardner 1995 Harper Collins

Robert Maynard Hutchins; J. Robert Oppenheimer;  Margaret Thatcher; Martin Luther King; Eleanor Roosevelt;  Pope John XXIII;  Mahatma Gandhi;  Margaret Mead;  Alfred P. Sloan; Jean Monnet.

‘Whilst there have been many previous studies of leadership, Howard Gardner’s is the first to concentrate on the crucial component of leadership – the human mind…..Drawing a distinction between direct and indirect leaders – the former, politicians, military men and business gurus who seek to exercise power and influence people, and the latter, scientists, novelists, painters who do so through the creation of symbolic products – Gardner reveals the key to leadership: the ability to create a story that affects the thoughts, feeling, and actions of other individuals.’ (Book cover)

Of particular interest to teachers with leadership responsibilities.