MI Lesson Planning – Teaching Templates: Younger Years




What is inside these booklets?

How to plan lessons from your own syllabus, step by step;

A detailed lesson plan template which you can use for a series of lessons;

Example lessons for different age groups and subjects;

The basic template at the beginning of the booklet solves the problem of
how to use Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory in the classroom.

Each subject specific example gives you:
…..the aim of the activity;
…..the learning objectives, linked to different intelligences;
…..the context of the lesson;
…..the task/activity to be completed;
…..an assessment task.


PDF copy also available



Increase your knowledge of Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory.

Apply Gardner’s theory using observation, assessment, tests and quizzes.

Find out the different ways your students learn, and plan accordingly.