MI Assessment – Teaching Templates: Middle Years




This book contains a page on each of the following topics.

The difference between assessment and testing.
Two examples of questions you could ask parents on a pre-school home visit.
How to assess your students using multiple intelligences theory through observation.
Assessing students with special educational needs focusing on what they can, rather than what they cannot, achieve.
Assessing students’ stronger and weaker intelligences when working as a group.
Assessing an authentic problem solving task.
Examples of self assessment and peer assessment.
Suggestions for research on assessing students’ knowledge, skills and understanding in your subject.
Assessing the students’ understanding of a novel in different MI ways.
Monitoring, assessment and target setting.
Continuous and comprehensive assessment.
End of topic assessments.
Different ways of collecting and recording assessment data.
Assessment through tasks that focus on different intelligences
Keeping a processfolio.


Andrew from Andover writes: This is very attractively produced and (important for folks like me) ‘reader-friendly’ with its liberal use of ‘white space’; – and I love the picture on the front!


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Increase your knowledge of Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory.

Apply Gardner’s theory using observation, assessment, tests and quizzes.

Find out the different ways your students learn, and plan accordingly.